Meet Your New Team

Don’t rely on old methods to solve new problems. The world moves fast, and so do we.


Shannon Litt // Video whiz

Shannon has been a videographer for over 7 years. She takes care of everything from the first location scout to the final upload.

Shannon has worked with clients like MINI Cooper, the BAFTA Awards, the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, and the David Suzuki Foundation.

In addition to being behind the camera, she also works as a writer and director.


Hannah Martin // Chief Problem Solver

Hannah brings over 5 years of production experience to Sore Thumb, seamlessly managing your project from start to finish.

Hannah has lived all over the world and worked with organizations across many disciplines. These experiences help her develop digital marketing concepts that resonate with a range of audiences.

She speaks French fluently, and is PAAB trained.


Marius Masalar // Tech Guru

Marius freelanced for more than 8 years before founding Sore Thumb, providing copywriting, digital strategy, original music, and photography services for clients around the world.

His deep love of technology is grounded in a desire to help people make better use of it.

This awareness of the cutting edge informs his perspective on creating and marketing products for the modern world.

Our Extended Family

We have a powerful network of trusted freelance partners waiting in the wings.

  • Motion Graphics

  • SEO Optimization

  • App Development

  • Senior Marketing Advisors

  • Translators

  • Print House Services