Connect, Create, Wow, Repeat

It turns out that making engaging content is hard. To get people's attention—to really connect with them—takes thoughtful, creative effort.

That's where we come in.


Hannah Martin Production Manager

Hannah is our Jack-of-All Trades, seamlessly managing your production from start to finish.

Having started out in Theatre before moving to digital media production, she brings unique insights into creating marketing material for the digital world. She has worked extensively in North America and Europe, creating and touring her own theatre company before founding Sore Thumb.

Marius Masalar Creative Director

Marius freelanced for more than 8 years before founding Sore Thumb; providing copywriting, digital strategy, original music, and photography services for clients around the world.

His deep love of technology is grounded in a desire to help people make better use of it. This awareness of the cutting edge informs his perspective on creating and marketing products for the modern world.

Shannon Litt Videographer/Director

Shannon is a videographer, director, and editor extraordinaire, who has worked with many notable clients over the years, including MINI Cooper, the BAFTA Awards, HGTV, Tridel and the Ontario Ministry of Education, among others.

In addition to founding Sore Thumb, Shannon directed the web-series 'All For One', produced in association with Corus Digital and distributed by ABC Spark and KindaTV.


How Does This Work?

We love it when clients come to us with interesting challenges because it gives us an opportunity to find and execute the best solution. Every project deserves its own unique strategy, and honing in on that strategy is our core competency.

What that actually looks like differs from project to project, but here's what is similar:

What Really Happens

First, we talk.

When you reach out, you're talking directly to us. No middlemen, just the actual people working diligently to bring your vision to life.

You bring us your ideas, the problems you're trying to solve, and what your hopes are for the end result. We'll chat about how Sore Thumb fits into that picture and what we can do to help.

We believe that getting to know your business is key to providing value, so we'll ask you a bunch of questions to help us understand your situation. We'll use that insight to chart a course from where you are to where you want to be, and once we're all on the same page we get to work on closing that gap.

How Much Will This Cost?

Just like there's no cookie-cutter approach to your project, there's no one-size-fits-all way for us to tell you how much it'll cost.

But, as soon as we chat, we will provide you with a comprehensive quote that covers all the available options and suits your budget.

The truth is that creating something terrific requires a lot of effort from a lot of talented people. At the end of the day, our priority is to get you the maximum value for your budget—however much that happens to be.

Let's Build Something Amazing Together

Now that you know a bit about us, we're eager to hear more about you!

Tell us about your awesome new project idea, ask us a question, or just say hello—we're happy to hear from you either way.