Jane Brind, founder of ZIF HR, needed a clean, effective website for her career counseling business.

We worked closely with Jane to create something that felt authentic to her personality, giving her a platform for her blog, along with a way to clearly describe her services and keep people up to date with her latest speaking engagements.

We also did a photo shoot with Jane to get some new professional head-shots for use on the site and across her social profiles.

Accelera Canada

We produced & promoted several videos for Accelera Canada, a company that helps emerging biotech ventures expand to Canada.

Accelera Canada needed to appeal to a very specialized audience—they wanted to reach international pharmaceutical companies who might not know that:

  • Canada is a Top 10 market
  • Canada's per capita spending on pharmaceuticals is among the highest in the world
  • Almost 60% of the Canadian market is actually in the private sector

We shot with the wonderful Accelera team for a day, and got a ton of footage we could use for several spots, like these:

We are also working on a LinkedIn marketing campaign for Accelera, to increase brand awareness and promote the videos.

Ronna Bloom

We love working with Ronna Bloom—she's a speaker, poet, psychotherapist, and all-around wonderful human.

This year, Ronna released her latest collection of poetry in a book called 'The More'. She wanted to celebrate the launch with an entirely new look for her online presence, so we did a photo shoot and used the photos to create an entirely new, revamped website.