Aspen Pharmacare Canada

When Aspen Holdings was planning their entrance into the Canadian market, they knew they’d need a clean, contemporary marketing approach to resonate with Canadian patients and healthcare professionals.

From strategy, to design, to execution, Sore Thumb helped Aspen through the entire process. We worked to cultivate their reputation as a helpful, caring, and open company, and continue to partner with them to lay the foundation for future products and services.

Sore Thumb took the time to understand the brand, and delivered clear, elegant, high impact creatives. They bring a fresh, contemporary perspective, and they’re capable of managing a full range of responsibilities from marketing and strategy development, to design and digital platform management. Working with Sore Thumb made our Canadian launch pain-free.
— Sylvain Desjeans, Country Manager

As part of the digital strategy, we developed a website that features custom imagery with a distinctly Canadian tone, to help show visitors that while this company is multi-national, their Canadian team knows and understands our market.

A gated section of the site will help patients find key information on the medicines that they've been prescribed, including instructional imagery that was also developed in-house.