Jane Goodall Institute

Sometimes we get projects that allow us to flex our creative muscles. The best of them also give us the opportunity to contribute to a good cause.

When the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada asked us to create a video promoting their Launch + Link event, we knew the project would be just that! And we happily dove right in.

Working with Sore Thumb was a wonderful, effortless experience. They understood our goals, kept us in the loop, and worked closely with us to deliver a video that really captured the spirit of the event and its participants.
— Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

We were presented with a challenge: consolidate three full days of event goodness into a five-minute video. We had to communicate the goals of the program, showcase the amazing people involved (Dr. Jane Goodall, Robert Bateman and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to name a few), convey the participants’ journeys, and inspire viewers to take action against injustice in the world.

What's more, we only had a limited time to get the material we needed.

But with careful coordination, amazing shooters, and thoughtful editing, we succeeded!

We worked hand-in-hand with the Jane Goodall Institute to bring the video to life, and created an end product that they (and we, let’s be real) are extremely proud of.

Since then, we've also done this animation for the Jane Goodall Institute:


And we've also put together this sizzle for JGI's wonderful Roots + Shoots program: