Jane Goodall Institute

Sometimes we get projects that allow us to flex our creative muscles. The best of them also give us the opportunity to contribute to a good cause.

When the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada asked us to create a video promoting their Launch + Link event, we knew the project would be just that! And we happily dove right in.

Working with Sore Thumb was a wonderful, effortless experience. They understood our goals, kept us in the loop, and worked closely with us to deliver a video that really captured the spirit of the event and its participants.
— Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

We were presented with a challenge: consolidate three full days of event goodness into a five-minute video. We had to communicate the goals of the program, showcase the amazing people involved (Dr. Jane Goodall, Robert Bateman and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to name a few), convey the participants’ journeys, and inspire viewers to take action against injustice in the world.

What's more, we only had a limited time to get the material we needed.

But with careful coordination, amazing shooters, and thoughtful editing, we succeeded!

We worked hand-in-hand with the Jane Goodall Institute to bring the video to life, and created an end product that they (and we, let’s be real) are extremely proud of.