Tanya Geisler

When Tanya approached us to prepare some marketing materials surrounding her Step Into Your Starring Role program, we knew we were being entrusted with a very special task.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with some truly skilled videography teams. Pros who KNEW their stuff. Never before though, have I experienced such delight as I did when working with the pros from Sore Thumb.
— Tanya Geisler, Leadership Coach and Speaker

Shooting events is always a dynamic experience, but in this case we knew we would be entering a deeply meaningful environment, a safe space created by Tanya with the express purpose of giving the program's participants a place to explore their dreams and face their fears together.

From the start, we knew that our presence had to be as unobtrusive as possible, so we shot the event with a minimal amount of fuss and a thoughtful attention to detail. Our priority was allowing the participants to have their space, privacy, and dignity unimpeded by the presence of a big crew with lots of gear.

They created and filmed magic at my Step into Your Starring Role retreat, making my participants feel like the stars they are, without detracting in any way shape or form from the deep and transformational work that was unfolding as part of the day. The level of care and conscientiousness and generosity has been a tremendous gift and I can’t wait to work with them on the next ten projects I’m envisioning for us.
— Tanya Geisler

Over the course of two days—one event day and one follow up day with Tanya—we captured a wealth of beautiful moments both in video and photo form. Using these building blocks, we assembled a landing page video, a teaser for the Step Into Your Starring Role program itself, and a rich album of photography that Tanya can draw from for her social marketing endeavours.

While we thrive on large-scale challenges, sometimes it's the projects on a more intimate scale that end up being the most rewarding.