Web Development


Jane Brind, founder of ZIF HR, needed a clean, effective website for her career counseling business.

We worked closely with Jane to create something that felt authentic to her personality, giving her a platform for her blog, along with a way to clearly describe her services and keep people up to date with her latest speaking engagements.

We also did a photo shoot with Jane to get some new professional head-shots for use on the site and across her social profiles.

Ronna Bloom

We love working with Ronna Bloom—she's a speaker, poet, psychotherapist, and all-around wonderful human.

This year, Ronna released her latest collection of poetry in a book called 'The More'. She wanted to celebrate the launch with an entirely new look for her online presence, so we did a photo shoot and used the photos to create an entirely new, revamped website.

We also put together these 2 videos for Ronna’s site:

Firefly Creative Writing

These people are powerhouses of skill and kindness.
— Chris Kay Fraser, Founder of Firefly Creative Writing

It feels strange to think of Chris Fraser as a “client”—we’ve been working with her on various projects for so long that she feels more like a friend.

First, it was a series of videos showcasing the wonderful work that she and her fellow writing coaches do over at Firefly Creative Writing. Like this one, which lives on the website's landing page:

We shot these vignettes of the Firefly team, too!


As we got to know the team, we became acutely aware of how their website was causing them a lot of frustration. Over time, we hatched a plan to overhaul the site in a way that kept the visual identity intact while providing the Fireflies with a better experience for editing, publishing, and updating.

When you think of a website project, you often think of sweeping re-designs, but the Firefly Creative Writing website required a more delicate touch. We were tasked with keeping their beloved visual design largely intact, while rebuilding everything behind the scenes to ensure that the site scaled perfectly on mobile devices and could grow as the business did.

Of course, building the site is only the first part of the equation.

Along the way, we made sure to add in some additional perks—a more effective newsletter sign-up system, some refreshed design elements to convey Firefly's personality across all aspects of the site, and of course a healthy dose of performance and security tuning.

We laid the foundations, but ultimately it was Chris' team who really made it shine. By giving them the tools and the skills they needed to make changes, re-arrange elements, and be in control of their content, we made sure that they felt self-sufficient enough to tackle everyday web needs.

After all, our goal isn't to keep clients on a leash, it's to remove barriers for them and empower them to grow. And the next time they have a beautiful new venture...they'll know exactly where to find us!

Aspen Pharmacare Canada

When Aspen Holdings was planning their entrance into the Canadian market, they knew they’d need a clean, contemporary marketing approach to resonate with Canadian patients and healthcare professionals.

From strategy, to design, to execution, Sore Thumb helped Aspen through the entire process. We worked to cultivate their reputation as a helpful, caring, and open company, and continue to partner with them to lay the foundation for future products and services.

Sore Thumb took the time to understand the brand, and delivered clear, elegant, high impact creatives. They bring a fresh, contemporary perspective, and they’re capable of managing a full range of responsibilities from marketing and strategy development, to design and digital platform management. Working with Sore Thumb made our Canadian launch pain-free.
— Sylvain Desjeans, Country Manager

As part of the digital strategy, we developed a website that features custom imagery with a distinctly Canadian tone, to help show visitors that while this company is multi-national, their Canadian team knows and understands our market.

A gated section of the site will help patients find key information on the medicines that they've been prescribed, including instructional imagery that was also developed in-house.