RxHelp ONE

Sore Thumb managed to teach us the core fundamentals of Social Media Marketing in 15 minutes, which was more impactful and understandable than other agencies have been able to do in hours.
— David Leitner, RxHelp

RxHelp came to us with a unique problem; they needed to package a complex product into a clean, bite-sized, advertising campaign directly targeted at their key demographics.

The product? The RxHelp ONE card: a patient assist program that allows Canadians to save on their brand name prescriptions. They called on us to help raise awareness of the product among young women who use oral contraceptives.

We began by developing a series of creatives to brand their cards. A visual campaign that included both video...

And photography!

But that was only the first step—they also needed a team to get those creatives out into the world! That's where our marketing team stepped in.

We created and ran their campaign across both Facebook and Instagram, helping them grow from reaching just a few hundred people to hundreds of thousands over just a couple of months. We also managed their Twitter account while we are at it!

With our help, they were able to reach new customers, funnel more visitors to their website, and get the RxHelp ONE Card into the hands of those who need it.

Mission accomplished.

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